Short Course/Distance Learning Program

Short Courses and Distance Learning Program

A large variety of trade-related courses, with durations of 6 to 36 hours, are taught under the auspices of ITI - Taipei. Offered in Chinese, over 20 different special trade topics are covered, including international trade, transit trade, international marketing, trade show marketing, international business negotiations, financial management, letters of credit, brand marketing, and English contract law. In addition to these courses, ITI also offers special language courses, including Spanish, Portuguese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai. A complete fee schedule is available upon request.


ITI also offers its Distance Learning Program and eMaster platform, which helps businesses learn English online. Course subjects include Business Presentations, Business Correspondence, Telephoning, and others, and are offered as extensive Professional Development Courses, or as short Spotlight Courses. Students can build confidence and increase their competitiveness by learning business communication skills through videos, handouts, review exercises, and assignments.