Life After ITI [國企班101年經貿組 陳佳萍]

公告日期:2018-05-15 10:54:29 人氣:856

Life after ITI

Time flies like an arrow. It seems as if it was yesterday that I nervously walked through the gate of ITI. As time goes by, I have grown. During the days at ITI, I have enhanced my language skills, broadened my business-related knowledge, and learned the essence of time management. I was not good with numbers and figures; now I can read a financial report. I used to get frustrated during group discussions; now I can lead a meeting. I was afraid of giving presentations; now I can give a sales pitch with confidence. As my life at ITI is coming to an end, I am having a mixture of feelings. A part of me feels sad that I will have to say goodbye to my dearest friends, another part of me, however, is looking forward to entering the real world and conquering the challenges with the skills I have acquired during this year.

Life after ITI will be a whole new world to me. For the foreseeable future, I will head to New York and study for a master’s degree. Living in a foreign country and working with local students will definitely be a unique experience. Although stepping into the world of business may sound rather too soon to me, seeing everyone around looking for jobs now, I do get a little anxious about my future. I am confident that I have obtained the knowledge needed during these days. What I have insufficiently of is hands-on experience. Thus, in order to gain more experience and get more insights into the industries I am passionate about, I decided to look for internship opportunities. I believe it is never too early to prepare myself for upcoming challenges. This would also help me shape the right attitude toward work, which, I suppose, is the most important quality in the workplace. I hope, by the time I start working, I will be able to perform the skills I learned and give myself a promising future.

For different reasons we entered ITI. With different goals we strived to accomplish. We gathered here and fought together. A year has almost passed. I would not say these days were the best time of my life, but they would definitely become one of the most unforgettable memories. After this year, some of us will go abroad, some will continue with their studies, and others will start their battles with job search. No matter which path we are taking, there are definitely going to be difficulties along the way. Anyhow, I believe, with the training we received, we will be able to solve the problems we face. As we are heading to the next chapter of our lives, we must bear in mind that, this is the end of something that is not really an end; and it is the beginning of something that has already begun.