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ITI英語學習專區分為六大系列,包含英文片語、英文商務慣用語、社交英文、英文發音實戰、英文常見錯誤及生活英語等。現在特別增加Phrase of the Day等英語應用,讓大家隨時隨地與ITI一起學英文。(相關資訊亦會同步於ITI的Line生活圈即時發布, 歡迎加入ITI Line生活圈,與ITI一起學英文。

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英文片語 英文商務慣用語 社交英文 英文發音實戰 英文常見錯誤 生活英文

As Far as I Know

Learn the Ropes

Six Uncomfortable Topics When Socializing 

/w/ Sound

As Follows

Responding to

"How are you doing"

By the Way

Raise the Bar

More Professional and Politer in a Business Setting

Voiced and Voiceless /th/

On Our Own

Responding to

"Thank you"

Get Back to Someone

Get Down to Business

What Happens When You See Someone You Know at a Social Event

Economy and Economics

Score of

How to Encourage People

In the Loop

Ballpark Figure

How to Talk to Your Boss in an Elevator

/ɪ/ and /iː/ sound

There are

Go Ahead And

Put in Context

Ahead of the Pack

Small Talk Before a Meeting

/e/ and /æ/ sound

Thank You for Listening

Asking for someone on the phone

Can't Beat Something

See Eye to Eye


/l/ and /r/ sound

Bored and Boring

I'm Good
At Stake Out In the Open  

Thirteen vs Thirty

Lend vs Borrow

Responding to “I don’t feel well ”

Get to Grips with Something

Corner the Market


Abroad or Aboard

Drizzle / Pouring Rain

Sorry to Butt in

All Over the Place

Get Something off the Ground


Find vs Find out

Hindsight is 20/20

Play It By Ear

See Something Through




Hear Something on the Grapevine

Go Down the Drain



At Least

Uphill Battle

    Take Medicine  

Brush Up on Something

Benefit of the Doubt

    What's up/How's it going  

Music to My Ears

Common Sports Business Idioms

    Turn on the Air Conditioner  

Keep Something to Yourself

Back To Square One

    What do you think  

Blown Away

By The Book


The Homework Was Difficult for Me to Do


Turn a Blind Eye to Something

Go the Extra Mile

    Fun vs Funny  

Peace and Quiet

Let's Face it    

次數的前面 能加介系詞for嗎?


Off the Top of My Head

Hands are tied


You go first vs Go ahead


The Other Day

Wet behind the ears


Pick vs Pick up


Get It Out of the Way

We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it


Get My Book


Be off to Do Something

On the Same Page


Stressful vs Stressed out


Fire Off and Fire Away

It's Hard to Say


Until vs Not Until


Walk back and Double Down

Hang in There




Turn Something Down

As I Was Saying


Even If vs Even Though


Crying Over Spilt Milk

The Ball's in Your Court


Contact or Contact With


In a Nutshell

Call It a Day


Image vs Imagine


Thanks Anyway

Foot the Bill


I have ever 

Red Flag      

Found or Founded


 Wake up and smell the coffee


Discussing About


Burn the Candle at Both Ends

      Due to  

Think Through


Between a to b vs From a to b


With All Due Respect


ed or ing adjectives


At the Last Minute


Beside and Besides


State of the art




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